Monday, April 24, 2006

oh, give me a home...

I'm house sitting this week for "G"... a.k.a. "the smoldering ember". She's gone gambling. I've been told (by T) that I should just do this all the time... house sit that is. I told her I still need a base of operations.
I REALLY need to find myself a home.

I thought I had it covered... thought I had a place and a roommate. Alas, seems it's not to be.

Then I thought maybe... just maybe, I could get away with rooming with a friend of mine that's on his way to a break-up. But even being a purely platonic relationship... I guess that would cause all sorts of hoopla.

I guess I'm on my own.

I've been thinking about a place in the city. Me? In the city? Hmmm. But the price includes EVERTHING... electricity, cable, broadband, water, etc. And it's a COOL old building that they renovated and turned into apartments. Oh, I just don't know. I guess there's no REAL rush... but I'm spending oodles of money on gasoline driving from B.F.E. and back.

Somebody, help me decide!!!!!!!!


Rick Matz said...

Flip a coin, and then see how you feel about the result.

peg said...

Wow, Rick... why didn't I think of that???