Sunday, November 13, 2005

Notebooks, Laptops, PDAs ... Oh My!

I'm staying at W and "the Chef's" house again. I usually spend the weekend with them since I'm pretty busy on weekends and B.F.E. is just so far from EVERYTHING.
OH, yeah... they are planning to go to (re-scheduled) Fantasy Fest in Key West in December so your's truly is house/puppy sitting again. YES!

I'm using "The Chef's" laptop right now... it's a Dell XPS and it's fantastic. I need a laptop/notebook computer and quite frankly, this one is WAY too expensive for me. So I'm asking the Brain Trust... that's all you folks out there... to give me some advice on what to buy.

  • I need WiFi
  • I would like to have as much ram as possible
  • and I'd like a decent size harddrive.
  • Oh, and I don't want to spend more than $2000.
  • I prefer Dell but I'm not married to them.

Okay folks... can you give me some help here??


Don said...

I HIGHLY recommend the Toshiba Satelite series. VERY good computers, better than Dell (and that's from a Computer Scientist!), and most of them meet your requirments.

Zube said...

Hey! If I knew ANYTHING I would suggest something, but alas, I am kind of dumb when it comes to that stuff.

Thanks for the comment! We'll keep in touch from now on.

Anonymous said...

they all work/annoy at some level of satisfaction/frustration.

take all the money you can afford take to the store and say "do me"

take it home never go into another store or look at another ad again for a least 2 years

WHY make yourself crazy... Its a goddamn machine... not like its a Harley or something