Thursday, May 29, 2014

What the heck is Spritzing?

So, as this article quips, apparently Spritzing is a 'thing' now.

First, let me say I LOVE technology.  I love the internet and most of the joys it has brought us.  I am truly "Plugged in" and I rarely have the desire to disconnect.  But I'm also an avid reader, a reader for pleasure.  It became pleasurable for me in spits and spurts.  I have always been an easy learner and I retain a lot of what I learn. But, I was one of those "slow readers", one of those children placed in a 'special' reading class.  I can remember it as somewhat embarrassing for me.  Why the education system deems it useful to stigmatize a child as a "slow reader" is subject for another post.  All in all, it didn't do me too much damage.  I graduated from the public school system near the top of my class.

I have a theory that my "slow reading" actually helps me retain information.  I find it necessary to read every single word or I feel like I'm a slacker of sorts.  This is why I have never wanted to take a Speed Reading course, skipping words just feels wrong to me.

Now, there is Spritzing.  Spritz is a speed reading app.  The app works by flashing words or groups of short words in quick succession into one stationary window.  I'm a little intrigued as this is not a skipping of words technique.  But, as I can see using this for articles, text books and other nonfiction reading material it just doesn't appeal to me for leisure reading.  When I read a novel I want to caress each word, ponder it and move on to the next in my own time.  Granted, it takes me a while to finish a good sized book.  But, it IS pleasurable.  I may very well download the app and give it a try but I will continue to read novels in the way I always have... slowly.  Heck, I just recently embraced ebooks and I'm still trying to convince myself that audiobooks are not Cheating!

Check out this article on HuffPost, it sums up my thoughts quite well:

In Defense Of 'Difficult' Books

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