Friday, June 17, 2005

I'm a pepper, he's a pepper, she's a pepper.....

I like Diet Dr. Pepper. And I love new Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper (now that's a mouthful)!
I have a very good friend, he's married to "Baby Gurl"... we call him "the saint" (that's a story for later... suffice it to say, being married to the Baby Gurl is a job unto itself).

Anyway, "the saint" tasted my Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper (whew) and he made a awful face and now whenever he sees me drink the stuff he makes fun of me (it's okay dear reader, I can take it... I'm tough). Actually, I'd drink it now just to mess with him even if I didn't like it so much.

I found this cool product review blog today, The Impulsive Buy, and in it's archives is a review of ... you guessed it... Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper.
So there, Mr. Saint... vindication!

Here are my Southpark versions:

"Baby Gurl" and "the Saint"

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Dawn said...

but... what if they BOTH SUCK?