Thursday, March 30, 2006

I think she needs a blog... don't you?

She said, "would you post this on your blog"?
For posterity? Sure!
My dear readers will get to know her... and I will know her a little bit more.

love shouldn't be a weapon or a device or a weight.
it's beauty is that it be a gift, with no strings attached to it.
for she doesn't love you
because she attaches a weight and expects things in return.
you do not love her ~ for if you did ~ you would not be calling me and dreaming of me at night alone in your bed.
how could you belong to someone else when i haven't had a chance?
i have lost you forever.


Anonymous said...

Peg u r an inspiration...

Rick Matz said...

A Dream’s Lament (mixed haiku and cinquains)

(What if a dream fell in love with it's dreamer? )

Still holding petals
A flower out of season
Pleasant mystery.

To understand
Your deepest essence;
Faithful in my attendance
Each night.

Morning sun dispells
Mist clinging to cool water,
Revealing bright lake.

Mocks my existence.
Forgotten by morning; only
A dream.

peg said...

All great but,
the last part (Cruel) is superb!